OMNILUX LED - Omnilux is the most expensive brand on the market I've reviewed. I put Omnilux and Lightstim Professional in the same Tier 1a due to having the highest fluence, highest wattage diodes, and contain every wavelength that's FDA cleared. Their quality is similar to the Lightstim LED diodes. See my Omnilux Review.
This was the first one I ever tried. I do not sell nor promote this brand or endorse it. I have agreed to not put up my review of the Celluma LED. I am happy to let anyone know what happened. Again, I will not publish anything on this brand on my site.
reVive Light dlp
The Revive Light is the budget LED panel that I approve. It is a 2 panel that sells for around 300 dollars. I stock a few cases of these on hand for those that call in that only want this brand. I offer special prices on this. See my Revive Light review here.

inLight LED
Inlight panels are small and don't have as many diodes as some of these really cheap LED panels but they use the 880nm infrared (the same wavelength Lightwave uses) and their diodes are much more powerful giving it it's high dosage capability. See my inLIght Page.
JOOVV - whole body LED
I have one of these and have compared it to all the later models that came out after the Joovv was first introduced. After borrowing an irradiance meter I am no longer carrying this brand after what I researched. This was the best one at its time when we started this site.
See my JOOVV Review here.
Residential LEDs 
Professional LEDs
The Most Important Page on this site.
How to Tell the Difference Here
LightStim 1/2 body LED bed VS Lightwave Full Body LED bed
Compare Here
I have found that the easiest way to conceptualize the LED light therapy industry is by breaking it down into a tiered rating system. 

About 80% of customers end up purchasing a LED panel from Tier 2 level. The rest choose a Tier 1 or Tier 3. Tier 2 is composed of companies that are using very confusing marketing tactics for their brands. The main reason is because 90% of those brands in this tier are actually “Re-brands” coming from the same 2 manufacturers in China. So their LED panels are almost identical to one another and so each company just makes up claims and marketing hype to appear different than their competition. Meanwhile, they are from the same company. 

For this reason I have divided up Tier 2 into two sub-levels, A and B. The lower the tier the more drawbacks and disadvantages it has versus benefits. So Tier 2B would have maybe have a less powerful diode or the older generation wavelengths for example versus a Brand from Tier 2A that has fewer drawbacks.

Rating System based off the following:
Warranty, Grade of Diodes, LED Diode Type, Emissivity rating, fluence rating of the diodes, FDA clearance of a specific wavelength in nanometers, Generation of LED (SBT diodes are the latest generation), Overheat time, Wattage, power density (120mw is the highest), density in cm2 of single wavelengths (not just a LED panel that has tons of LEDS but not all are the same wavelength (curved models and single panels with 11mw or less) and Customer Service (sometimes I can't even get these companies to answer the phone). If you want specific information on each brand and how it rates on each of these categories please ask. 

Tier 1: All LEDs can penetrate up to the deep layers of the hypodermis
A --SILHOUETE TONE, OMNILUX, (These have the most intense single wavelength coverage and fluence)
B --LIGHTSTIM, Dermawave,

Tier 2: All Tier 2 LEDs can penetrate up to the dermis
B --reVive Light dlp, Ledstim

Tier 3: This tier should not go beyond the epidermis
Models that are sold usually on Alibaba being imported that go out of business once they sell out. Models that have the first generation diodes with bright scatter light but low penetration, models that have around 10mw/cm2 per single wavelength exposure. (Consumers are tricked into buying a panel with 3 or more wavelengths in one panel. I avoid all LED panels that have blue, red, and infrared all the in same panel).
(90% of saunas are re-brands from same two manufacturers in China and most LED devices fall into this Tier)

NOTE: I tell people 98% of the health benefits of using LED Therapy are not related to the light POWER LEVEL.

I am of course happy to consult with you by phone, email, or text to help find the best brand and model for your unique set of needs. Please look to us to be the one stop solution to figuring out how to choose the right LED device without getting a headache in the process.

Please know that we always seek to have the best sale price out there.
Speak soon,
Notice; The FDA has not cleared wound healing. Any company saying their LED is FDA approved should never refer to their LED phototherapy device as being FDA cleared when referring it to wound healing. We are not affiliated "directly" with any manufacturer including inLight, LightStim, LightWave, POLY LED, Joova, MedXX LED, OMNILUX LED, OmniLux blue, Omnilux Plus, Omni Lux Revive 2 (™), Celluma Pro by Biophotas, Celluma Elite by Biophotas, Biophotas, and BlueU.
Know before buying
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See our 
New Buyer's Guide
Know how to compare and review the different LED Therapy Lights on the market before you buy.
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LED Panels here.
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LightStim vs LightWave

Going to the trade shows...
We have the best LED on the market...
Ours has 3 wavelengths and you get it all in one...
On theirs you have to change panels during a session...
Amber lights? Show me FDA clearance for that...
We have the most Diodes...
Who cares how many diodes. They are using 940nm...
Can you meet me after the show and I'll sell you this demo.
Oh, and by the way, I went back on the 2nd day, they sold me that same demo LED panel twice. First day it was $1000, the 2nd day it was $1200. Strike #1.
I'm tired of the trash talking and LED light companies immediately trying to give the wholesale price making me think I'm special. The show price…. Buy today and we will give you the show price which is like 30% to 40% off based on the brochures I have. Out of the 6 LED panel companies, 2 of them said they weren't taking on any more dealers on the first day. The 2nd day they asked me if I would like to become a distributor after showing them my site. I am just tired of the games. I have done a LED review on the Lipolaser industry (same BS), and have done reviews on nearly every LED. My lipolaser site is I had to make a review site on this new generation of LEDS so here it is.

I am uploading all the conflicting videos of manufacturer's telling me what I know is not true. Only a few companies knew there stuff. I spoke to the engineers who built them to go even further to find the truth. I am so tired of talking to salespeople that haven't reviewed any of the different brands and technologies out there that wanted to scan my ID badge. They were so scared to answer my questions on camera like they were hiding something. By not answering my questions it raises even more red flags that I will expose. I promote only the brands that I trust and have reviewed that passed my tests. 


...because every company claimed their LED panel was the best
Ask for Jake
Ask for Barbara
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About Me
Oxylight Sapphire 3 by RAJA Medical
The Oxylight (Sapphire 3 model) is a multipurpose LED that uses oxygen and Microcurrent (and ultrasound). They have red, blue and yellow LED but do not have infrared. The Oxylight Sapphire 3 is popular in clinics where they need a one size fits all machine that can do different therapies than just LED. For questions or pricing see my instant price quote page.
POLY is the newest LED company that is known for their single wave panels. They don't mix their blues with reds. They have the strongest 5 panel blue LED on the market. Their latest models compete with LightStim and Omnilux.
Compare the new POLY LED here.

Before using an LED, make sure you buy a device that is too weak or too strong. Know your skin type on the Fitzpatrick scale. Let me know if you are type 1 though 6. The latest generation diodes have optical sensors in each diode that self adjusted to the person's Fitzpatrick type. We are redoing our site since we have been using the newer generation diodes. We have now found better LED devices since we started with Lightwave, Celluma, Lightstim, and Omnilux. These were the brands I considered the best at the time of writing this site. Take my LED quiz and get the right LED device based on your answers. Take the LED Quiz here.
Dermawave LED
The DermaWave Palette is another brand we recommend for residential use. This is far more powerful than most of the machines in the residential price range. It also has more advanced LEDs than what most companies are using in its price category. This has twice the active LED coverage area of Cellluma Pro which was the first brand we used to promote.

We reviewed nearly every LED Bed.
(Lightwave Envy, Lightstim bed, Novathor, Prism Light Pod. These are the top models.
 We do not promote Chinese import led beds. See my LED Light Bed review here.

We no longer 
promote Celluma Pro.

Consumer Notice: We do NOT promote LED panels imported from China. We only carry LED panels made in the USA. Nearly all the Chinese imports do not have true deep red diodes and take up to 45 minute treatment times. Fake LED panels do not stimulate collagen production nor reduces fine lines and wrinkles and do not eliminate acne-causing bacteria. I expose brands that do pass my tests and promote brands that do.
MitoRedLight - Mito Red light
I have the MitoMEGA and this is the one that is way way stronger than the Joovv I used to use. I stand in front of this every morning after I use my Bemer. This works quicker unlike the brands that have lower wattage and less LEDs. Using this after an infrared sauna when my core is hot makes it even better.
See my MitoRedLight Review here.
The first Aesthetician Grade Facial Dome
1,800 LEDS - 5 Minute treatment times
Hand made in California - No plastics - Nearly credit card thin
The Illumination Pro
I have compared this to the Celluma Pro, Lightwave, and Lightstim models in the same price range. This sells for nearly the same price as the Celluma Pro which I no longer promote. 

This has 1800 LEDS very close together. It has a 5 year warranty. 5400 joules in 5 minutes (3 joules /cm2). This has only the deep red 660nm which is the most studied wavelength. Not the 630 that most people have which is much cheaper. This has the most concentration of any LED I have reviewed. This sells for $1800 (1 dollar per diode). The other (pro) model with its inflated prices is at 6 dollars per diode. There is nearly a 9 times markup in the brand I used to promote. The new POLY Pro as 1820 diodes and costs nearly 7500 dollars. The market has crashed for LED prices since the prices have came down nearly to 20% of the cost before marijuanna growers have bought the these diodes by the millions. This is why all the prices are finally getting lower while some companies have not lowered their prices yet.
This has a 30 day 100% money back trial with no restocking fees. We have not had a single return on this brand since we have been selling them.

The Illumination Pro takes 2 to 3 weeks to build. These are hand built in California. The models that take 45 minutes make people itch and sweat on their face and is not pleasant.
See my new review of the Illumination Pro here.

This is the LED that we have replaced with the Celluma Pro that we used to promote back in the day when it came out. This has a 5 minute treatment time. 
See my review here.

I use the Illumination Pro personally on my face every day for 5 minutes.
​This is the only model that I offer a return policy... why? because no one returns them like they do the others.
Illuminate LED 1800 LED panel
Before this one I promoted the Poly led panel that had 1820 led lights that sold for $7995. This now sells for $1800 since the market crash and has 660nm which are the deep reds, not the old 630nm orange reds.
Illuminate LED Light review here.
LIGHTSTIM Professional
Lightstim was the first LED light therapy company on the market. They pioneered the original LEDs that become FDA cleared. They are one of the few companies that make their panels in the USA.See my LightStim LED Therapy review.
This is the only FDA cleared over the counter Led panel that clinics can legally makes claims related to this device (wrinkle reduction). We no longer carry the 2 panel model. This is the latest 4 panel model. This has amber and the deep red (660nm) the help build collagen. The high intensity infrared leds help microcirculation and reduce inflammation. This is my most popular model sold to aestheticians. There are over 18,000 clinics that have Lightstim at this time. The FDA has reviewed this panel and its studies. This is not a Chinese import that most people are selling. The session time is about 15 minutes. This has a built in timer unlike most that are not as hands free. Most people notice a temporary plumping in the face after 1 session. I urge people to use the light activated serums with this. Ask about the PhotoMasque. There is proof that these are made in an ISO-certified facility in California, not just assembled in the USA but parts from China.
New Lightstim FULL SPECTRUM 4 Panel.
15 minute treatment times
Lightwave has the highest fluence and highest dosage of any panel. They are known for the most compact panels and are the only company that has the new SBT diodes.
 See my review on Lightwave here.
Warning to Aestheticians
Many aestheticians are using light sensitive serums that are being used with LED facial panels that are not powerful enough to activate it. The serums if used correctly must be used in a pitch black room. There is one brand in particular that the study done showed that it does not activate the serums. The company that makes the serum says it doesn't but the LED manufacturer says the opposite. I trust the serum manufacturer. Do not be scammed. Do real research before buying. I go by studies. Not sales people saying stuff they can't prove. Contact me and I will tell you the companies that will activate serums.
GlycoAla and Lightstim Photo serums are the 2 brands that I get the best feedback on. Do not trust knockoff serums imported from China with the Chinese import panels. Do not expect them to work.
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Silhouette Lite

The most expensive LED panel. This is the one is more powerful than any other Led and about 5 times the power of most of the ones aestheticians buy. This one is actually FDA cleared, not just FDA registered like many of them. The Lightstim and this one are the two that are most compared. This is really powerful for people using it for pain. But, just for the face, so much power is not as necessary if not trying to treat deep muscles and the back. This has an intensity setting for the face so you can turn the power down.  I urge people to ask about new LED panels that may have 1 to 3 LED lights that don't light up for a deep discount. About 80% of the really expensive Led panels that I sell are discounted like this because most people can't afford the retail price.
Notice to anyone that can't afford a LED panel

I buy the manufacturer's panels that have 1 to 3 led lights that don't light up. These are heavily discounted. These are not used at their trade shows. Brand new. Call me to see what I have in stock. Most have just 1 led diode that doesn't light up. They can't sell these as new so I am one of the few that promotes these. I know this will help people out. Ask for Seth when you call. 1-888-853-8409
Beware: most led panels do not simulate collagen production and since companies aren't breaking rules with the FDA and making claims but saying "could help.. may help... has been known to help.. THIS IS BS. If the Led panel is not strong enough to raise the voltage of the mitochondria I believe it will not work. The power must be strong enough to break nitric oxide which most people that have wrinkles and aging skin have too much of this. Collagen production is limited by nitric oxide. Deep red leds break off this molecule and allow the collagen cells to gain energy. Some people may need more than one color to bring oxygen to the skin so ATP can be produced.
Learn the difference between each machine before you buy.
90 Second Treatment times
Red for wrinkles
Green for Acne

Battery powered
No need to buy a 1800 dollar
Celluma Pro once you see this one.

$250 free shipping
Free returns if you don't love it

Why so many LED panels are being returned:
Almost every day people are calling me saying their LED panel has done nothing for them and they want to return it. I am going to keep this short. In order for any red led to work for wrinkles, I urge people to research how it works. First, the face must go through an abrasion or there will be negligible changes in the collagen cells. This exponentially speeds up the time to see a difference. Second, I always use this ultra low wattage infrared isolate heater that I put right next to my face. (Study Salamander infrared chart). If it any of these are more than 2 inches away from the face the energy is drastically diminished to raise the voltage of the mitochondria in the cells that can combust the glucose and burn oxygen as the cells voltage is jacked up during treatment. When the face has been heated with direct rays from this heater it is a game changer. It is not the radiant heat that heats the face (I use a fan to lower the heat co-efficient and control the latent heat coming off the heater. Anyone that uses this heater and does the abrasion will understand what I am talking about.

Newest LED light bed for home use - These are made to lay down on unlike the models you put on the walls. These are a fraction of the 
price of a commercial led light bed. Call for information on the this latest model we carry.
...because every company claimed their LED panel was the best
Ask for Jake
Ask for Barbara
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Lighstim Elipsa led panel

This is the latest facial panel. This is the most powerful multipurpose led facial panel.

Contact me if you want to try it.
Ask for Jake 888 853 8409
All returns and used Led panels on sale

Celluma Pro returns 60% off
Lightstim 4 panel led - $2000 off
Silhouette Tone - trade show model I bought to review 40% off
(I need 5 aestheticians to do a review on the Silhouette Tone
I will give 50% off on 5 Silhouette Tones. I have to buy 5 of these to get 50% off.

Ominilux - we are not selling them anymore
We have a distributor that is selling his stock in NY for 50% off
Remember, for any Led panel to work optimally, a Microdermabrasion must be done first and a full face vasodilation must be done with an isolate ray attachment (these are only $8 dollars each.