Silhouette Tone LG4 Galileo Soli-Lite Solilite system

I went to the show at the Javitz center and at first this company was like, why are you filming us. I asked what is your K number since your machine is FDA approved (not just Fda cleared but approved), they didn't have it so I am like how can you not have it. They were going to call security as they didn't know who I am and I started saying I have an LED review site and I have a right to ask any question. Its a public place. Also I told them I know where they are made and know what they cost to make. I told them if they answer all my questions I will cut the camera off. (Beware: If any company says theirs is FDA Cleared or Approved, ask them what their K number is and what it is approved for. Some are FDA cleared at a heating pad. Don't get scammed or fooled.

So, I got all the information I need. I get more calls from this machine than any other machine (except Lightstim and Celluma since they advertise everywhere and people ask for them) I sell those too for those who can't afford the Silhouette. People get angry saying its over priced and I am ripping them off still since it is so over priced. Well, I know what it costs to make this machine and it costs several times more than the others at the show and way more than Omnilux to make.

Note: the power is so high that you cannot look at the light at all. They won't even turn it on at the show. (I turned it on when I was reviewing it and I actually looked at it. The whole show looked green after I looked at the Silhouette. It was at 150mw. I can look at the Celluma or other lower powered ones all day and nothing happens. Most of even the light commercial ones have 30mw. The cheap ones have 10 to 15mw. The Omnilux has 120mw and this one has 150mw per diode. Combined with the purest wavelengths and power, nothing beats the silhouette.
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...because every company claimed their LED panel was the best
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OMNILUX - JOOVV - LightStim - LIGHTWAVE - POLY LED - InLight - Celluma Biophotas -LEDPOD - reVive Light dlp - LEDSTIM - LEDBED - SUNLED

...because every company claimed their LED panel was the best
Ask for Jake
Ask for Barbara
OMNILUX - JOOVV - LightStim - LIGHTWAVE - POLY LED - InLight - Celluma Biophotas -LEDPOD - reVive Light dlp - LEDSTIM - LEDBED - SUNLED 

This is the picture of the silhouette led at full power. It is so powerful it starts making these lines on my phone in the picture. Omnilux was the only other one that did that.
Note: at 150mw, it can get pretty hot so you might want to keep the silhouette up to 15cm away from the face. The company won't talk about this as this is my own hack but the closer the led is to the skin (I like to keep it very close) and if you have a fan to blow away the latent heat on each side of you this will raise the heat co-efficient of the light and this is when all the heavy lifting is done (for me and all the people that use this one that has tried it at that I have explained it to). If it is 15 cm away, it will almost be the same power as the other models that cost around $4000 on the market. The joules of every  delivered at 15cm will be like having the lower powered ones right up to your face. The problem is, the more powerful it is, the more heat comes out and it gets very uncomfortable. The power of the silhouette can be adjusted to 30mw which is around what most of the models aestheticians use but if using it for pain and recoveries from surgeries is when most of them fail. At 150mw when I get hurt in jiu jitsu, I put this on it. Many people who call me who are going to have back or hip surges, you don't need to buy one. I have access to usually 2 or 3 loaners that I can loan out or rent. Ask me about this. I work on a sliding scale for those who really need to use this. The people want usually a deposit and depending on how long you need it will determine the cost.
Silhouette update: I have 2 demo Galileo LG4's from trade shows. If you want to try it, I will loan it out for free if you haven't tried one and want to see how powerful it is and want feedback from your clients. 
Zero Charge. One was opened up at the show that day (1 day old an the other went to about 10 trade shows).
Pay a deposit (so I don't have to worry you will run off with it) and keep it for 60 days so you know if you want to buy it or send it back). I do this with Lighstim and Ominilux and now I have 2 to do it with the Silhouette.
This company actually has a K number when you look them up with the FDA. This is approved, not cleared. There is a difference. When you want to know what it is approved for, look the company up and you can see what it was approve for and if there were any clinical studies. With this one, you can actually make claims in your office.
These are the diodes in the silhouette. These are the most costly led diodes in the world for their power. If you measure the Kelvin scalerating and Lumens each diode gives off. These are super expensive diodes. I asked the engineers of cold laser companies and LIPO led that treat fat and they even said they have never seen diodes like this. I urge people to try one of these for 60 days as it is hard to be convinced to buy one out right as you can't be excited if you haven't seen results yet.
(Most companies will not let me advertise my prices or deals I give or in any way will get people to call in based on price and compete with their dealers.

I sell more Silhouette's than any other dealer in the USA. (I am out of Atlanta and NYC).

If you are serious about getting a high end Led like this and you are the type that is going to call all the dealers and price shop everyone, I will pay $200 for you to call me right now. I will Zelle or pay pal you $200 for the chance to work out a deal. You don't have to buy. I will record the calls to post on my site which is helps me make money as people watch me doing a live sales call...

$200 to call me now so I can tell you about the Silhouette) Takes about 30+ minutes to say what I can't say directly on my site. I need the calls for my site (if you want a Lighstim, Omnilux or other brands I do this with, call me and I can do the same offer).

This is the control panel for the silhouette.
If you are buying this just for the face, you are better off buying a single panel red light. This is for multi purpose treatments. Post surges, scars, very deep work. This is more for moderate skin issues and pain. For those who have mild skin issues and want it for maintenance, this is overkill. This has a very high heat co-efficient underneath the skin. This is more for those wanting to get faster recovery times for sports injuries and have lots of muscle pain. This is probably the best device I found for creating heat shock proteins and micro circulation. It is so strong most people feel the histamine release and get that itchy feeling if turned up too high. I don't get this with any other machine except the Omnilux and this one is even worse for the itching but once the session is over its all worth it.

contact me at 1-888-853-8409 to talk about the Silhouette.